• Daily Bell Schedule

    7:40- First Bell: students may walk to class

    7:45- Tardy Bell: students should be in class and ready to start the day

    1:50- Dismissal Bell: students are released to the busses and car pick up

    (Wednesday release time is 12:50)

    • No students should be at school before 7:25.  There is no supervision of students prior to this time.
    • If you child arrives after 7:45 you will need to park and come into the office to sign your student in.
    • Students will not be called from class for early check out after 1:20.

    Pick Up Procedures

    All students being picked up in the afternoon shall be picked up in the designated pick up zones in front of the school.  You must display your school pick up card in the window of your car, or you will be required to go to the front office to show ID.  This will expedite the loading of students and provide a safe environment for students. 

  • pick up car To request additional "pick up" cards, please contact kaneerde1@nassau.k12.fl.us 

    or call (904) 879-1114 ext. 3205