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    A teacher who is providing instruction in a course for which he or she is not certified, based upon the Florida Course Code Directory, is regarded as being out-of-field.

    A teacher may not teach out-of-field for more than one academic school year, unless he or she meets the out-of-field requirements within the same academic school year, as outlined below: 

    • Complete six (6) semester hours of college credit, from an accredited institution, in the out-of-field area; or
    • 120 in-service points, through the Nassau County School District, in the out-of-field area; or
    • A combination of semester hours and in-service points in the out-of-field area; or
    • Pass the corresponding Subject Area Examination (SAE) and add the appropriate coverage to the certificate.

    Evidence of the above must be sent to the Human Resources Department before reappointment to any out-of-field assignment for the subsequent academic school year.

    Teachers who fail to meet the out-of-field requirements, and are scheduled to provide instruction in the same or different out-of-field area, cannot be reappointed unless evidence of the above is received in the Human Resources Department.  These teachers may retain employment in the capacity of a substitute teacher and will be compensated in accordance with substitute pay.